The Only Addiction Counseling Course That Fully Embraces the Science of Family Systems Theory

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Get the support you need to lead your family toward serenity and peace. Break the cycle of addiction and relapse with the Family Matters™ Courses.

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Addiction family support

Addiction is Costly and Painful

It shouldn’t be so difficult to help your struggling family

Our journey started 10 years ago. Our child struggled with addiction. We were devastated. But our professional experience and education gave us a unique advantage to help us respond effectively to our child’s disease. We intervened early, without the drama most parents experience. So we built a system that teaches families what we know about managing the challenges of loving someone with an addiction.

We’ve created a video training system designed to teach you how to change your family

Introducing Family Matters™ - the world’s only training course designed to help families break free from the chaos of addiction and relapse.

Take control of your family’s future, stop feeling confused, helpless and hopeless. Learn how to help yourself and your struggling loved ones at the same time.

Addicted family member buying drugs

Change Yourself - Change Your Family

We’ll teach you how to make changes that will reunite your family

Hi, we’re Melody and Ron Bacon. We know first-hand how terrifying and disruptive an addiction is to a family.

Addiction is a family disease. When one family member struggles with addiction, everyone’s hurt.

With the right tools, you can have piece of mind and better help your entire family.

With the Family Matters™ courses, you’ll wake up feeling more confident and less anxious every day. You’ll gain the knowledge to think more clearly and help your addicted loved one recover.

Introducing Family Matters™

The world’s first and only addiction recovery program for families of addicted loved ones

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    The Crisis Support Fast Track Course

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    The Step-by-Step Support Path Course

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    The Course Bundle

    Get fast and comprehensive results. Best option for recurring relapses.

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Are You Ready for Lasting Change for Your Family and in your own life as well?

This program has the power to profoundly change your life and the life of your family. We’ve seen the powerful improvements from real families who’ve participated in the Family Matters program.

We’re confident that if you do the work and complete the course, you’ll see tremendous improvement in the conditions of your family. We back that up with our risk-free, 30-day money back guarantee.

This is not a passive course. You’ll get a work book with homework assignments to complete. The reason we ask for your finished coursework is simple. We want to work with people who are committed to elping themselves, and their family. It’s vital that you’re as dedicated to this experience as we are to you.

All Courses Include Lifetime Accesss

And a 100% Money Back Guarantee

Hope A

Nov. 2019

"Thank you for making these online courses available. What a wonderful resource it has been! Rich with information and on such an easy and accessible platform."

Randy B

July 2020

"Our daughter, following major scoliosis back surgery, continued to use Percocet and eventually began snorting heroin while at college. She admits that it was a matter of time before she would have been injecting as a cost/efficiency measure. Thanks to the program, we recognized the signs and knew what we should do. Our daughter agreed to go to a residential rehab without putting up a fight. That's almost 3 years ago now. The principles Dund in the Family Matters Program helped us get clear and prevented more damage from taking place."

Brittany P

June 2019

"Thank you so much for giving me access to this content. It has been such a gift and incredibly helpful already. I've shared it with some family members and hopefully they'll be able to use these resources as well."

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